Cycling team tailored motorhome

Two wheels move the body to the finish, six wheels move the whole team to victory. A cycling team relies on teamwork that drives them to dreamwork. But if you want to go that extra mile, you have to make sure that all members have a comfortable quiet zone to recharge their batteries on the site. This is where STX Motorhomes comes in. We provide a new custom motorhome model with a large seating area to eat and discuss strategy meetings and two showers to get your team refreshed quickly. This vehicle features qualities that a true sports team cannot function without. Next to a double bed to rest, the truck also contains a spacious storage area in the back, a washing machine integrated in the cupboards, an extensive kitchen area complemented with a more than large enough freezer to put in any physio materials. The race happens on the bicycle, but you’re your winning journey happens in the motorhome.  

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