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picture of Partners side by side

Partners side by side

RGMMMC & STX Motorhomes

picture of Champions of the Future

Champions of the Future

Euro Series 1

picture of BNL


BNL is a Karting series organised in Belgium that has achieved major success. With drivers entering from all over Europe, this series is recognised as a great stepping stone into the more international races. We are proud to partner with this local leading Karting series. The opportunities which BNL brings to young drivers is widely appreciated, and we look forward to being a part of this journey. It is exciting to witness the extravaganza throughout the 2024 season.

picture of Karting Genk

Karting Genk

As a Belgian company, we are proud to partner with one of Belgiums biggest karting tracks. A track, where many racing stars have kicked off their path to success. Not only that, Karting Genk was the home track of the young Max Verstappen back in his karting days.

We are excited to witness the talent of the future stars on Karting Genk. We hope to contribute to their success through the comfort and freedom which STX Motorhomes offer. At today’s level of competitiveness, recovery becomes ever-so crucial when the time on track increases.

This collaboration brings two Belgian industry leaders together, merging action with comfort. We look forward to what this partnership brings!

picture of RGMMC – Champions of the Future

RGMMC – Champions of the Future

Champions of the Future races are categorised among the world’s most esteemed karting events. This collaboration with COTF and RGMMC signifies the fusion between elite karting with lifestyle, paving the way for the champions of tomorrow.

For families entrenched in the karting scene, it’s more than just a sport—it’s a way of life. Having a home base on track is crucial for the long run; focus goes to strategy rather than organising and hassle. 

STX Motorhomes offer a sanctuary amidst the fast-paced action of the karting circuit. They provide all the comforts of home right at the trackside. With amenities tailored for relaxation, preparation, and family bonding, these mobile hubs ensure that the karting lifestyle remains uninterrupted while on the move. From cozy sleeping quarters to fully-equipped kitchens and inviting lounges, STX Motorhomes cater to the needs of karting families, enriching their overall experience. The custom options have the power of making your STX perfect for your lifestyle.

The partnership between RGMMC and STX Motorhomes goes beyond mere logistics; it elevates the karting experience for participants and their families. By seamlessly integrating world-class racing with convenience and efficiency, this collaboration highlights a shared commitment to the karting community. Together, they cultivate an environment where aspiring champions can thrive – a partnership that opens doors to new opportunities for drivers and their families alike.

picture of RGMMC – IAME Euro Series

RGMMC – IAME Euro Series

IAME Euro Series is one of the world’s most prestigious karting series. Top drivers from around the world attend to compete the best European tracks, against leading drivers. The partnership with the organisers, RGMMC, reflect the merging of world class karting with comfort and efficiency. For karting families, karting is their lifestyle. Weekdays are spent training, weekends are spent competing. Tracks worldwide are becoming increasingly familiar, as well as the other families. It’s a community where common interests, success and memories thrive.

STX Motorhome provide home-like comfort on track. Equipped with all the amenities needed for relaxation, preparation, and bonding, these hubs ensure that karting families can maintain their lifestyle seamlessly while on the road. From comfortable sleeping quarters to fully-equipped kitchens and lounging areas, STX Motorhomes offer a haven amidst the excitement and intensity of the karting circuit.

The partnership between RGMMC and STX Motorhomes not only emphasises the logistical aspects of karting events, but also enhances the overall experience for participants and their families. By merging world-class karting with convenience and efficiency, the partnership underscores a commitment to supporting the karting community. Together fostering an environment where success and cherished memories can flourish, this partnership increases the opportunities for all drivers and their families.

picture of Curbstone Events with STX Motorhomes

Curbstone Events with STX Motorhomes

In the world of motorsports, where adrenaline flows and engines roar, Curbstone Events stands as a beacon of excitement and high-speed thrills. Curbstone Events is more than just an organization; it’s a destination for those who live and breathe the passion of racing. This renowned institution has become synonymous with trackside excellence. It offers unparalleled opportunities for drivers and enthusiasts to experience the magic of the racetrack in a safe and exhilarating environment.

In this exciting new chapter, Curbstone Events has forged a dynamic partnership with STX Motorhomes. Together, we are set to redefine the very essence of motorsport adventure, making Curbstone Events the ultimate destination for those who seek the thrill of the track and the comfort of a luxurious home on wheels. Dive into the world of Curbstone Events and explore the heart-pounding experiences they provide to motorsport enthusiasts worldwide, now with the added dimension of STX Motorhomes’ luxury offerings.

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