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Luxurious and athletic, your STX Motorhome is more than a ride – it's a companion for both life's adventures and the open road. It is your peaceful abode; space to rest and recharge. Whether on pit lanes or camping sites, your moment of recovery is perfected in the comfort of STX Motorhomes.


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RGMMC – IAME Euro Series

IAME Euro Series is one of the world’s most prestigious karting series. Top drivers from around the world attend to compete the best European tracks, against leading drivers. The partnership with the organisers, RGMMC, reflect the merging of world class karting with comfort and efficiency. For karting families, karting is their lifestyle. Weekdays are spent training, weekends are spent competing. Tracks worldwide are becoming increasingly familiar, as well as the other families. It’s a community where common interests, success and memories thrive.

STX Motorhome provide home-like comfort on track. Equipped with all the amenities needed for relaxation, preparation, and bonding, these hubs ensure that karting families can maintain their lifestyle seamlessly while on the road. From comfortable sleeping quarters to fully-equipped kitchens and lounging areas, STX Motorhomes offer a haven amidst the excitement and intensity of the karting circuit.

The partnership between RGMMC and STX Motorhomes not only emphasises the logistical aspects of karting events, but also enhances the overall experience for participants and their families. By merging world-class karting with convenience and efficiency, the partnership underscores a commitment to supporting the karting community. Together fostering an environment where success and cherished memories can flourish, this partnership increases the opportunities for all drivers and their families.

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