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STX Motorhomes: The Story

STX Motorhomes tell a unique story of development, craftsmanship, and innovation. From fluid lines to exceptional curves, each model showcases an attractive design, embodying a refined blend of sophistication and imagination. With inspiration, sportiness, and a touch of fun, your STX motorhome is not just a vehicle; it's your everyday companion. Explore our interior moodboard options and discover endless opportunities for custom motorhomes, turning your motorhome into a personalized masterpiece.




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STX Motorhomes - About

The Story

STX Motorhomes is a product of the Belgian Stephex Group, the worlds leading horsetruck manufacturer and owner of the globally renown Stephex Stables.
After gaining expertees in developing strong and luxurious horsetrucks, the team saw an opportunity to build luxury Motorhomes. After 10 years and over 1000 trucks built to date, we have made a name in the market with our STX Motorhomes. Through our continous conversation with clients and athletes, the expertise and know-how of the STX team builds on. Innovative solutions and technologies included based on your needs is what makes our job wonderful! Your comfort and safety is our priority. Therefore we build truly luxurious motorhome customised for your adventures.

STX Motorhomes are built on either the well-known Mercedes Actros or the impressive Scania frame. The STX motorhomes will meet all your expectations as you follow your dreams. Whether used on the track by sport teams, or for leisure travel, the STX Motorhomes cater for clients of all backgrounds. We happily customise solutions that fit your specific use.

Are you passionate about elegance?

Our journey begins not just with a motorhome, but with a tailored experience designed just for you. Our interiors draw inspiration from exclusive yachts, offering a touch of maritime luxury on the open road. Choose from six carefully designed moodboards by our Italian-based interior team. These moodboards cater to diverse tastes. Whether you prefer the bright minimalism of Nordic design or the warmth of darker tones, your aesthetic eye will find fulfillment. Living spaces are enriched with luxury materials such as leather, carbon fiber, selected timbers, and exquisite high-end fabrics, redefining elegance within your motorhome.

Step into a realm of generous space, intelligent modular solutions, and ergonomic storage, catering to all your adventure equipment needs. For those seeking a truly personalized touch, we're excited to collaborate on custom elements that reflect your unique style and preferences.

Fully customized to make your dreams come true!

Your journey, our expertise.