Interior Moodboards to make your STX Motorhome uniquely yours.

The exterior elements are not the only vital thing to consider when designing your STX Motorhome. You also get to plan the interior style of your motorhome based on six Moodboards.

With the most luxurious materials and color blends in mind, our designers have curated the varying moodboards complementing a variety of tastes. Whether prefer dark tones, a modern industrial look or a classic white combination in your interior, your motorhome will carry a look that matches your style.

Let’s dig deeper into the selection of Moodboards.

White Beauty

Designed to evoke the feeling of floating on clouds.  With a blend of white tones and premium materials, this modern and serene space promises a sensory delight. Experience the comfort of lush fabrics and sleek metals adding a touch of opulence to your journey. Embrace the attraction of purity with the White Beauty Moodboards. It brings a sanctuary of elegance and tranquility to your adventures.

Renders based on the 3 Pop Out model.

Glam Mocha

Experience the Glam Mocha through its captivating blend of earthy tones and wooden materials. The lush green fabric pillows and inviting natural wooden elements are reminiscent of the luscious green forests. Immerse yourself in the harmonious fusion of nature-inspired hues and rich wooden textures. The Glam Mocha Moodboard offers a luxurious and soothing retreat for your senses. We promise unparalleled calmness.

Renders based on the 4 Pop Out model.

Classy Choco

Step into the sophisticated world of the Classy Choco Moodboard. The elegant use of brown and white colors creates a stunning visual harmony, much like Ying and Yang. The clever fusion of white surfaces with deep brown interiors offers a captivating contrast to your STX Motorhome, ensuring a balanced and satisfying view. Embrace the best of both worlds with this tasteful combination.

Renders based on the 2 Pop Out + Garage model.

Black Honey

The captivating space of the Black Honey Moodboard allows dramatic beauty to take center stage. The contrast of a black kitchen and black living room mirrored in a warm honey-colored living space creates a feast of visual drama. The interplay of strong accents and inviting warm hues adds an eclectic touch. Enveloping the interior in a truly unique and striking ambiance. Embrace the bold allure of the Black Honey Moodboard, as it transforms your STX space into a captivating haven of elegance and intrigue.

Renders based on the 4 Pop Out model.

Charme Greige

In the Charme Greige Moodboard warm grey materials exude an aura of modern elegance. Drawing inspiration from a contemporary Swiss Ski resort, this interior is designed to leave a lasting impression. The clever fusion of darker tones with soothing warm greys creates a charming ambiance. Allow your senses to be captivated and embrace yourself within a sense of comfort and sophistication.

Renders based on the 2 Pop Out + Garage model.

Sleek Grey

Let boldness meet style. The Sleek Grey Moodboard allows your STX Motorhome be infused with the essence of city chic. Embracing the compatibility of various shades of grey, this interior creates a harmonious and visually striking ambiance. Experience a sense of calm and comfort as you travel worry-free. With its alluring blend of urban charm and tranquil allure, these interior promises to elevate your STX journey to new heights of elegance and relaxation.

Renders based on the 3 Pop Out model.

Whichever Moodboard will captivate the interior of your STX Motorhome, your travel experience will be filled with comfort and glamour. As we say, the STX is your home on wheels: cozy, safe and glamourous.

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