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About STX Motorhomes

All STX Motorhomes models are developed, built and tested in the Stephex Pedigree. Fluid lines, exceptional curves, attractive design, STX Motorhomes embody a refined blend of sophistication and imagination. Inspired, solid, sporty, fun, your STX motorhome will be your everyday companion.




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Stephex DNA

STX Motorhomes is a product of the Belgian Stephex Group, the #1 horse transport manufacturer and owner of Stephex Stables, a reference in the equestrian world.
With over 25 years of experience and more than 990 trucks built to date, we have used our expertise and know-how to develop a truly luxurious and ideal motorhome suitable for all your adventures.

Both models are built on the well-known Mercedes Actros frame. We know our motorhomes will meet all your expectations as you follow your wildest dreams. And of course, STX Motorhomes can be customized to your needs.

Are you passionate about elegance?

Our interiors are inspired by exclusive yachts. The bright and cozy Nordic design makes you feel at home, wherever you are. Leather, carbon fiber, selected timbers and gorgeous high-end fabrics fill the living spaces. Elegance is reinvented in this incredible vehicle.

Generous space, intelligent modular solutions, amazing storage capacity, STX Motorhomes have it all. You can take it one step further by adding up to 3 pop-outs, depending on the model.

Fully customized to make your dreams come true!

Join us now on this incredible adventure!

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