Choosing the Right Motorhome: A Guide for Your Lifestyle, Racing, or Business Needs

Choosing the perfect motorhome is an exciting venture. Whether you are a passionate adventurer, a racing enthusiast, or a business professional looking for a mobile office, STX offers a range of motorhomes to cater to diverse needs. In this guide, we will explore how to choose the correct motorhome based on whether you are a lifestyle, racing, or business client.

If you host a lot, consider including a wine cooler in your motorhome!

Lifestyle Clients: Choosing Your Home on Wheels

For those seeking the freedom of the open road to complement their lifestyle, comfort, and convenience, consider the following when choosing your motorhome:

Space and Layout

Spacious interiors and smart layouts make your journey exceptional. If you are buying a stock model, look for motorhomes with options that encourage hosting and lounging. For example, a corner pouf between the sofa and the living space, or a wine cooler for 15 bottles would be great options to add. If you are building your own motorhome, discuss clearly and openly with our sales representatives. Break down your travel habits, who you usually travel with, and where you like to go. Small things can make a huge difference when choosing options right for you.

Entertainment Features

STX motorhomes come with a range of entertainment options. Whether you enjoy a good movie, want to stay connected, or appreciate a quality sound system, ensure the motorhome aligns with your entertainment preferences. Your choice between a Sono’s and Bose sound bars, number of TV’s are all possible!

Outdoor Living

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors, but close to your motorhome? Choosing a motorhome with options like an awning, and storage for recreational equipment is recommended.


Consider your travel goals. Do you like to city hop, drive to smaller villages and visit villages that are not accessible with a 26T vehicle? Consider a STX 2 Pop Out. The garage fits a Mini Cooper or a Fiat 500, giving your holidays more flexibility.

Before considering to buy a motorhome for, consider how you will use it to find your ideal model.

Racing Enthusiasts: On the Fast Track with STX

For racing enthusiasts who desire a mobile base to support their teams passion, STX offers motorhomes with performance-oriented features. Pay attention to the following aspects:

Garage Space

If you are a racing aficionado, a motorhome with a dedicated garage space for your racing vehicle is crucial. Look for models that provide secure storage and easy access to your prized possessions. For example, the STX Racing standard M1 with storage space under the garage is optimal.

Durability and Handling

Opt for a motorhome with a chassis and suspension system designed for performance. STX motorhomes are known for their robust build quality, ensuring a smooth and stable ride even on challenging terrains. Choose between a Mercedes and Scania chassis, with horsepower ranging from 500 to 700 HP.

Tech Integration

Racing enthusiasts often rely on advanced technology for monitoring and optimizing performance. All of our Motorhomes are equipped with a livestream option allowing you to follow the race from your STX. If you need any additional technologies, we can discuss the possibilities of integrating them into your vehicle.

Connectivity is vital when working from your motorhome.

Business Clients: Motorhome Mobile Offices on the Move

For business professionals who need a mobile office without compromising comfort and functionality, STX has motorhomes tailored to meet these requirements. Consider the following criteria:

Workspace Design

Look for a motorhome with a well-designed workspace. The highly praised tables, surrounded by comfortable seating, and sufficient outlets for electronic devices are standard in each STX Model. Consider models, such as the The STX 4 Pop Out, with more space to maximize comfort. You will be spending lots of time in your STX. Let us make it as comfortable as possible.

Connectivity Features

Business clients require reliable connectivity on the go. STX motorhomes often come equipped with advanced communication systems, Wi-Fi, and satellite capabilities to ensure connection wherever the your journey takes you. Many of our clients have installed Starlink into their motorhomes. This technology is the safest satellite to guarantee connectivity even in most remote areas.

Storage and Organization

Efficient storage and organization are vital for business clients. Choose a motorhome with ample storage solutions, including cabinets, drawers, and dedicated spaces for office supplies. Again, we would direct you to the STX 4 Pop Out model. Lots of space and storage ensured.

Whether you are embracing the freedom of the open road, chasing the thrill of the race, or conducting business on wheels, STX has a motorhome to suit your needs. By carefully considering factors like layout, features, and performance capabilities, choosing the correct STX motorhome that aligns with your lifestyle will come naturally. Happy travels!

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