Comfort Guaranteed with STX

To make sure that we provide the exact same, if not even higher, level of comfort in your STX Motorhome as at home, we focus on providing the utmost comfort in every segment of living. It is possible to integrate every convenient appliance to maximize the pleasure of the motorhomes.

Our kitchens contain a spacious refrigerator for the whole family. As well as an oven which can also function as a practical microwave, for a quick meal during the busy holidays or workdays. However, for the highest level of comfort an optional dishwasher can assure all travellers the opportunity to simply enjoy the luxury or focus on work.

Additionally, a washing machine can be also requested in the heated small vehicle garage or in the living area as preferred. Placing it in the garage ensures that it does not take away storage space in the main living. Among others we recommend this special feature for our athletes for whom the daily wash of the sport equipment is indispensable.

For the ease of taking care of the motorhome a hidden central vacuum cleaner can be installed within our motorhomes. All appliances are high quality products for a long last and outstanding efficiency, adjusted in design slightly to fit the spirit of STX.

As we strive for the greatest luxury for our clients these hardly noticeable, but major details, take the level of comfort to an even higher stage! Get more details and your individual offer now!

Ellen van Guyse


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