Driving Dreams Forward: Curbstone Events and STX Motorhomes Extend Their Partnership to 2024!

[Meise, Belgium]: Curbstone Events and STX Motorhomes announce the continuation of their partnership after a successful 2023. Active immediately, this partnership merges speed and comfort. At Curbstone racing events, drivers can explore the STX Motorhomes and the option of having a fully-equipped home by the paddock, and see how it enhances their racing experience.

“We are looking forward to another year of mutual success with Curbstone,” says Stephan Conter, CEO and founder of STX Motorhomes. “The events organized by Curbstone, from the testing days to the Lapland trips highlight the professionalism, luxury, and world-class networking opportunities. We are proud to be a part of their races and look forward to representing both brands side by side at our Showjumping event in August”.

Ludovic Colman, Curbstone Events General Manager : “The partnership with the Stephex Group is a natural result in our common strive to bring the best-in-class experience to our network and customers – the drivers. The STX Motorhomes are at the highest levels of comfort and technology, just what our customers expect form us; from the professional race teams to the GT- and race car owing gentlemen drivers who travel and drive with us throughout the year. The STX Motorhome will be found in the heart of our paddock during our professional testing and GT1 Sports Club events in Europe.”

The benefits of this new partnership include.

Immersive Luxury Experience: Drivers get to experience the luxury of STX Motorhomes firsthand at the Curbstone events by registering for their drive at the STX Motorhome.

Expanded Social Media Presence: Curbstone and STX audiences gain an insight into the world of motorsport through strong social media representation.

Prominent Presence at the Brussels Stephex Masters: Curbstone and STX Motorhomes will be present at the Brussels Stephex Masters showjumping event in late August 2024.


STX Motorhomes is a luxury brand under the esteemed Stephex Group, headquartered in Belgium. With a robust legacy of over 35 years in automotive engineering and a remarkable record of constructing over 5000 vehicles, this family-owned conglomerate has made a lasting impact on the equestrian and automotive scenes. STX Motorhomes stands out for its unwavering commitment to innovation and the delivery of high-quality products. Tailored to a diverse clientele, including motorsport teams and leisure travelers, these motorhomes provide the comforts of home, featuring two queen-sized beds, a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, and, depending on the model, a garage for smaller or larger vehicles. Find out more at https://homes.lc.webdevprojects.cloud/.

Curbstone Events is a subsidiary company of the SRO Motorsport Group and The Royal Automobile Club of Belgium with its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Curbstone’s key activities are based on two core concepts: Track and Lifestyle.  Through testing days, races, and exclusive networking opportunities at Portfolio events and Lapland trips, the framework of new opportunities and exclusive programs for all racing enthusiasts is formed. Find out more at https://www.curbstone.net/.

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