Custom is the new black!

Our motorhomes are known for their luxury, comfort and functionality. And because we want to fulfill the expectations of all potential clients, we also specialize in custom build models. After years of experience we can proudly say that today we master the art of balancing quality, functionality and the assimilation of your suggestions or ideas.

Here at Stephex we believe that listening to our clients and bringing their visions to life will help us to perfect our own craftmanship. We ask you to bring your thoughts to the table and in return we offer you our expertise; whilst maintaining the style and luxury you expect from our Motorhomes, we will bring your custom build motorhome to life.

Your own signature STX truck

Our latest luxurious motorhome is a custom build model. This truck is a unique addition to the STX family. We love to add a special touch to our designs and this motorhome reflects this through small but efficient modifications.

  • What makes this motorhome unique is the fact that it is built on a Scania chassis, normally we will create a motorhome on a Mercedes Actros chassis. But we love to see our clients requests become a reality.
  • It is equipped with four beds and is specially designed to travel with 4 people. Normally our clients choose 2 or more pop outs, but this model is a practical, yet comfortable alternative to travel with, for example, a family. This model functions as a house which you can travel with effortlessly.
  • Another feature that makes this motorhome comfortable but cozy is the spacious lounge area, which can swiftly be transformed into a table. With practical and easy technology you can smoothly transform your lounge area into a dining area.
  • With only 1 Pop-Out and no Push-Outs it doesn’t resemble our well-known other models, but with two extra built-in chairs, you are equipped to wine and dine in style.

This is why we like to sit together with our clients and listen to their preferences and ideas. We want your fantasies to come true. And this motorhome is one of those realizations. We can’t wait to start designing your STX dream truck! Whether you need a Scania camper or a motorhome with cargarage, get in touch with us today to discuss what you are looking for!

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