There are Caravans, and then there are Caravans! Discover the Hidden Gems of STX Motorhomes.

The STX Motorhomes obtain a wide range of features making your travels easy. Like many other caravans, the STX has a kitchen, living, bedroom and bathroom. However, the modern appliances, luxurious finishes and the large surface area make the STX stand out. These elements make the STX Motorhome a luxury motorhome.

Hereby we present you with our Top 10 favorite hidden gems of the STX Motorhomes. To not spoil everything at once, we have split the features in two posts. Discover the first five below!

1. Extra Bed

The extra bed in the living room provide two additional sleeping spots in your STX Motorhome. For camping enthusiasts who travel with bigger groups, children, or friends this is a game changer! Not many Caravans can host more than six people. We like to be prepared, and this gives us the option to be prepared even when unexpected guests stay over.

2. Wireless chargers

No additional chords and no empty batteries. When laying out all your caravans features, this one should be high on the “must have”list. Phone batteries empty easily while traveling. It is always annoying when leaving the house and finding out your phone isn’t charged. And any additional item is a cause for care when on the road. That’s why we have placed wireless chargers in the living room, as well as in the bedroom for comfortable traveling.

3. Wine cooler (option)

While traveling through the French and Italian wineyards store your purchased wines properly! The wine cooler holds an optimal temperature for your wines throughout your trip. With space for 15 bottles, you have plenty of space to store your wines for later and your wines to drink on the spot!

4. Touch Screens

All STX Motorhome models obtain two touch screens where you can control pretty much everything in your STX. This technology has been adopted from yachting, where such screens are used to also navigate. Turn off all the lights, open the bedroom TV, or open the push ups with in an easy click. The Screens are located at the entrance of the motorhome, as well as by the drivers seat.

5. Integrated vacuum cleaner (option)

Cleaning could not be made easier. With the integrated vacuum cleaner your STX will be spotless in no time. You will also not use any space in storing a big vacuum machine while on the road. Only thing to store is the vacuum chord. Emptying the dust bag also couldn’t be easier. Simply open up the bottom cabinet from the outside, remove the dust bag, throw it out and replace with a new one.

These standard features and options make the STX Motorhomes a caravanner’s dream!

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