Exclusive Look At Our STX Motorhomes Beautiful New Interior

We are very excited to be able to present to you our newly adapted interior design for our motorhomes!

Our team of engineers and developers are constantly working on improving the STX Motorhomes to the next level. One of the main projects over the last few months was to integrate a brand-new innovative interior design from a first-class Italian designer to achieve an even higher level of comfort and luxury. Vittoria Pieroni is not just famous for designing our motorhomes but is also established in the boat industry.

The first step was to modernize our color scheme with fluid tones. We decided to add these new breathtaking options to achieve a more diverse variety to satisfy each and every individuals’ specific demands. To enhance the new colours further, we have adapted the interior materials we use, which not only guarantee the utmost luxury, but also longevity.

Moreover, we have focused on developing the functionality of the motorhomes. Our team has restructured the main living space to create a more spacious layout. This has freed up space to modernerize the bathroom and expand the size of the sofa in the living are. Additionally, the storage facilities have been extended and restructured for a more convenient organization.

Furthermore, we have also implemented some smaller touches, such as adding in wireless charging stations for your phone and much more. A STX Motorhome is the ultimate luxury on wheels, combining elegance, functionality, style and quality all in one place.

Are you interested in any of our new features? Contact us now, get more information and discover the new interior!

Ellen van Guyse



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