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To build upon our relationship with you, we asked you to express your curiosities about the STX Motorhomes to us. The outcome was wonderful, as we received some excellent questions. We are excited to share the answers with you.

How/where can I buy an STX Motorhome?

To begin your purchase process, you only need to contact our sales director, Ellen Van Guyse. Ellen will help you with discovering all the possibilities to make your motorhome most fit for your usage. With the support of her expertise, your own ideas, and the support of our fabulous STX team, you have all the tools at hand to create a luxury home on wheels in no time.

Ellen Van Guyse


What license do you need for an STX Motorhome?

To drive one of these beautiful trucks you will need a Truck License.

How fast are you allowed to drive with an STX Motorhome?

The speed limit is 100 km (about 62.14 mi) per hour for the STX Motorhomes.

What is the delivery time after an order has been made?

Our normal delivery time is about 7-8 months.

Can STX Motorhomes be rented?

STX Motorhomes cannot be rented from us.

What is the Average price of an STX Motorhome?

The starting price of an STX Motorhome is 560,000 euros excluding VAT (Value Added Tax). Depending on the customized elements, the size of the motorhome (number of pop outs, size of the motor, surface area etc.) and the customer preferred materials used for the interior, the price varies.

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