Less is more. Introducing our 1 Pop-Out model

Luxurious, Modern & Elegant

Our motorhomes are designed to be comfortable and practical. Stephex has been bringing out vehicles with more and better features than ever before. But we firmly believe it is necessary to sometimes go back to basic. That’s why we introduce you our new 1 Pop-Out Model.

Although this truck has only one Pop-Out, nothing has been spared in the interior or comfort. Actually we think this model has tremendous advantages. With a 40 cm Push-Out, we want to highlight how easy it is to park this vehicle in different locations and even different countries.

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Let us drive you to a new travel experience!

Our team of designers and engineers always work on improving the luxury and comfort in our motorhomes. Their skills and craftmanship amaze us every time by integrating modern solutions and luxurious extras in the STX vehicles.

Imagine. You’re on holiday with your family enjoying a lovely sunset:

  • Your 1 Pop-Out motorhome has a premium wine cooler integrated in the kitchen area to enjoy that sunset just a little bit more.
  • Would you like to enjoy a nice diner? Everything is possible with the two extra built-in chairs in the living area for added comfort.
  • When getting ready for a delicious diner we have integrated a foldable table into the lounge area. With smooth technology you will be able to enjoy your seating area to the fullest!
  • Finish your amazing holiday night with a coffee or tea, which you get from the integrated tray for your coffee machine – or other appliances.

We are focused on developing the functionality of our motorhomes, that’s why you have the option to choose an open bathroom lay-out with direct access to the master bedroom. All our motorhomes have achieved optimal efficiency as we try to make every corner useful with integrated cabinets and storage. In the bedroom you can even find integrated niches. This bedroom offers more extras in smaller details such as the wireless charger and elegant shaped ceiling details.

Hopefully you are as excited as us to meet this new STX model. Are you interested in getting to know more about this vehicle? Don’t hesitate to contact us !

Ellen van Guyse



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