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Sport is not always spotlights and starstruck moments. Especially in the world of motorsport. Sweat, frustration, pain, tears, and mental challenges are often more apparent than moments of glory. After a tiring track day, the only thing you want to do is go home. And get there FAST. While being at away races going home is not always an option… Especially if you want to get there fast. Opting out for a hotel is plan B. However, transporting a team back and forth to the hotel is often not an appealing option.  

The Stephex Motorhomes are built for a team, by a team. In this article we will dive into how STX Motorhomes enhance the performance of your Motorsport team. 

A day on the track

Imagine this: It is a hot sunny day and you have spent the full day on the track. You are sweaty from all the motorsports in that hot racing suit. Your brain is exhausted from the mental strategizing with your team. Your muscles are in pain. All you want to do is take a shower, eat well, and go to sleep. 

You walk two minutes from the track and reach your destination. You climb up a short flight of stairs and open the door to a carefully designed space. Team memorials make the space your home. And a spacious home! The Three Pop Out’s give loads of room for you and your teammates to be comfortable. The couch in its luxurious leather fabric, the hotel worthy shower covered in marble and the fully accessorized kitchen make living easy.  

In no time you can even click on your favorite Netflix show. No hotel can beat an STX Motorhome. Your home on wheels wherever you are. Good night and sleep tight under the sheets of the STX Motorhome.  

 STX Motorhome with Garage for Motorsport teams

Built for your Motorsport team

STX Motorhomes are made for teams. We have developed the STX Motorhomes for you to have all the comforts at hand. It is a home built for your needs.  

As we are a family business with a strong presence in the equestrian sport, team spirit is close to our heart. Having already supported several motorsport teams such as the VDK Racing team and the Husqvarna racing team, our team spirit is only growing. What is necessary to have, what are the newest innovations and how can we provide motorsport teams with the most comfort and support for their success stories? We make improvements to these questions every day. The STX Motorhomes are the supporting pillar for top level performances, allowing your team to focus on what you do best. 

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