Our Exclusive Top 3 Travel Locations in Croatia


Zadar is the fifth largest Croatian city located in the centre of long coastline. With its historical city centre lying on small peninsula, the seaside city is perfect for day trips and walks on the old city walls, whose great historical significance has earned them the title UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Another great tourist attraction are numerous historical monuments and churches, for example Church of St Donatus build in the 9th century. Today it serves as a venue for various musical performances. Zadar is not only a city of great history, but also various modern art museums, street art performances, boutiques and restaurants with fresh seafood meals. 

For the parking of your motorhome, we chose a spectacular place located directly on a sandy beach. Auto camp Navis is a heaven for those who seek to have the seacoast just few steps from their bed. Surrounded byMediterranean vegetation and the morning sound of cicadas will give you the opportunity to fully experience the beauty of Croatia. After a morning swim in the sea, you can plan a trip to nearby Paklenica National Park, which has over 150 km of hiking trails with path for beginners but also for experienced hikers that seek the thrill of climbing the highest peaks. 

13, E65, 23245, Tribanj, Croatia

Krka National Park

One of the most popular national parks in Croatia, NP Krka and its dazzling waterfalls is a place you simply cannot miss on your journey through Croatia. The Skradinski buk waterfalls and the surrounding preserved forest is one of the best-known natural beauties in the country. This place is perfect for a day trip in theexquisite area. National park Krka offers its tourists modified trails around the waterfalls but also a wooden footbridge across the Krka river, you can even swim in the natural pond directly under the waterfall. Of course we have found a comfortable place where you can park your motorhome, just 500 meters from the national park in Autocamp Slapovi Krke.

After lovely walks in the stunning Krka national park, there is another city you should add to your list. Šibenik, the city of sun, sea, and stone, a unique combination of characteristics that make this a city unlike any other in Croatia. The city is filled with incredible historical sites such as St. Jacob`s cathedral (Sveti Jakov), also a part of UNESCO World Heritage. This architectural monument was built in the style of the transition from Gothic to Renaissance on the eastern Adriatic coast and is believed to be one of the most beautiful buildings from the late middle ages. St. Michael’s Fortress is a hilltop fort that serves as a concert and theatre venue. Overlooking Šibenik and other islands, it is the most scenic places to attend a performance in Šibenik.

Lozovac bb, 22221, Lozovac, Croatia


A Croatian treasure location that needs no introduction for experienced travellers, however there is much more than just picturesque sites that this city offers. Assigned to the UNESCO World Heritage in 1979, Dubrovnik is a stunning town with a mysterious historic centre and a harbour lying in southern Dalmatia. Most of the recreational facilities are located on the peninsulas of Lapad and Babin Kuk. It is also an important cultural centre. It has a permanent theatre and a symphony orchestra. In addition, Dubrovnik hosts a large cultural event every year, the Dubrovnik Summer Games, which brings together theatre, music and artists from all over Croatia and Europe.

With the seaside city position the restaurants serve mainly fresh seafood and fish, however there are plenty of Italian, Vegan and Bosnian restaurants that offer a wide range of delicious meals. However, the best places to eat at are of course local restaurants with meals including fresh sea fish, soft lamb meat or homemade Croatian cheese, served with warm bread and local wine. Certainly an irresistible combination!

Whether you are planning to continue on your journey across the coastal area and looking for another exceptional place to visit, then you must stop by at Kotor in Montenegro. This small town will just astonish you through its architecture and unusual location at the foot of the Lovcen mountain massif. The view from the castle of San Giovanii is just breath-taking! Definitely worth a visit to this place.

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Donja Banda, 20234, Orašac, Croatia

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