Our Exclusive Top 3 Travel Locations in Montenegro


Montenegro holds many surprises. One of them is the city of Kotor, the country’s pearl located on the Adriatic coast, which boasts the title of the most charming medieval city in Montenegro. You will find it in a picturesque location at the end of bay Boka Kotorska situated at the foot of the Lovcen mountain. It is one of the longest and deepest bays in the Adriatic Sea. This deep bay extends 29 km inland and resembles a Norwegian fjord in appearance. 

Kotor is one of the oldest and best-preserved towns in Montenegro, this is mainly due to its out-of-sight location at the end of the bay. Despite the lack of sandy beaches in its surroundings, the city will attract you through its interesting relief and historical monuments. There are many winding streets and crumbling churches inspired by Venetian architecture as well as plentiful romantic restaurants and cafes. The dominant feature of the town is the massive, 5 km long and 20 m high city walls, which surround the triangular area of the town core and connect it with St. John’s Fortress on the steep hill above the town. 

For the most convenient parking we found a place located near the city centre and just few steps from the sea. 

Skadar National Park

Montenegro is full of surprises, there are few places in the world where you can find so many amazing places in such a small space. Most tourists head for the bay of Kotor and the towns along its coast. Not everyone goes inland, which is a shame, because this is where the real treasures of Montenegro are to be found. An example is Skadar National Park. It is worth going to the Pavlova Strana lookout point, where you will have a magnificent view of its picturesque nature. The most popular national park in Montenegro lies on the border of Montenegro and Albania and has the biggest lake on the Balkan peninsula.

Lake Skadar is a perfect example of wilderness and a paradise that is home to 40 species of freshwater fish, 270 species of birds and the last place where pelicans permanently reside in Europe. The lake is surrounded by green karst mountains and meadows full of flowers. Best activities to do here include sailing on the lake, hiking trips and visits to the small towns and forts located along the water. You can finish your trip in one of the local restaurants that offer various delicious seafood meals and warm atmosphere. Park your motorhome in nearby camp Rijeka Crnojevica and enjoy the beautiful nature and the best activities that national park Skadar offers.


Ulicinj is a former pirate town located in the southernmost part of Montenegro near the border with Albania. It is considered one of the most romantic locations thanks to its coves, cliffs and lush nature.

Ulicinj is characterised by lively markets, which take place twice a week. You can find everything here – fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, clothes, music, jewellery and anything else you can think of. Another typical feature of this special place is the Velika Plaža (Great Beach), which is over ten kilometres long. Its sand is very beneficial for people thanks to its rich mineral content. Sports enthusiasts consider this beach to be the best due to its great level and unique selection of sports activities. In particular, windsurfing and fishing are popular. 

On some beaches the locals have made swimming pools and attract tourists with unusual names such as Copacabana, Tropicana, Miami and others. There are plenty of water and beach sports for active athletes. 

Our tip is to park at Safari Beach Camp, which is located directly on the beach and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the whole day in this beautiful area. 

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