Our Exclusive Top 3 Travel Locations in Scandinavia

The beautiful Scandinavian countries, lying up in the North of Europe. Perhaps not your first thought for a holiday with your STX Motorhome. However, we would like to prove to you why you HAVE to add them to your list of travel destinations.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a city of music, design, fashion, and technology, where innovations are born and spread worldwide.

Stockholm is know for its rich history, museums, architecture, the Royal Palace and of course the medieval Gamla Stan. The city is packed with and exceptional restaurants and trendy bars right beside cozy neighbourhood pubs and historic cafés. The city is filled with galleries, exclusive department stores, as well as little boutiques and diverse shops.

Not many cities can boast their urban side, as well as their natural beauty. A unique location where where lake and sea meet, and water flows through the heart of Stockholm.

Park your STX Motorhome at Långholmens Husbils, literally in the heart of the city. If you’re looking for somewhere to park for a weekend getaway to spend your days and nights exploring all that Stockholm has to offer then this place is for you. Hop out of bed in the morning and walk to quirky cafes for your morning coffee or grab a train from the close by station and start exploring.

Långholmens Husbils, Skutskepparvägen, 117 33 Stockholm, Sweden

Sorreisa, Norway

The Northern Lights. One of the world’s greatest wonders. Imagine the night sky illuminating in a vivid dance of colours right above your head. A sight you have to see at least once in your life. This is why Sorreisa is next up on our list. Yes, it is a drive all of the way up to the very North of Norway, but what a spectacular drive across one of the most breathtakingly beautiful countries in Europe, with many places to stop along the way.

Park your STX Motorhome at Krogstadtunet, just outside of the village of Sorreisa along one of Norway’s incredible Fjords. The famous Tromsø is under 2 hours away, which is known as the best place to see the Northern Lights. Definitely worth the drive. The best time to visit is around September/October. Then you will have the best chance of seeing the night sky come alive.

Krogstadtunet, Nordsiveien 409, 9310 Sørreisa, Norway


Bergen, Norway

Bergen is known as “the Gateway to the Fjords of Norway”. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage City and a European City of Culture. The region has ideally combines nature, culture and urban life all year around. Known for it’s waterfront picturesque houses, narrow cobblestone alleys and world-famous attractions.

Seafood lovers or actually even food lovers in general – have plenty of reasons to visit Bergen, which is also a UNESCO City of Gastronomy.

Fresh seafood is at the very heart of Bergen cuisine. Local specialities include Bergen fish cakes & soup and “persetorsk”, a traditional Bergen steamed cod dish.

Park your STX Motorhome at Parking Solneset Farm set in the valley beside the highest mountain of Bergen (Gullfjellet 987 meters) and beside a peaceful freshwater lake. There is a direct train into the centre of Bergen. which only takes 8 minutes.

Parking Solneset Farm, Unnelandsvegen 319, 5268 Haukeland, Norway


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