Our Exclusive Top 3 Travel Locations in Spain


Dreaming of waking up to the sounds of the sea? We found the perfect place for you to enjoy the best view you can possibly get in the south of Spain. Located in La Cala del Moral, just 10 minutes from Malaga, the main touristic city in this region. Area Malaga Beach is a cozy but spacious parking place with a spectacular view of the beach and its own small restaurant. In the morning you can buy a freshly squeezed fruit juice or warm baked bread from the local supermarket located directly at the parking place. 

After enjoying a lovely morning on the beach, you can plan a trip to Malaga and explore all of its beauties. From various city walks and tapas tasting excursions to historic sightseeing and much more. This city offers unlimited tastes and experiences to be enjoyed. Feel like a little hike to explore the city from different perspective? Then visit Mirador de Gibralfaro, a hilltop lookout point, we recommend visiting this place in the morning for the best possible panoramic view. Another phenomenal place is the port of Malaga with a palm tree adorned promenade, restaurants, bars and fashion boutiques, definitely a place worth visiting.

If you would like to actively exploration this remarkable region, there are numerous hiking and biking possibilities within, but also outside the city, for example the Montes de Malaga natural park with dense forests and trekking routes of varying lengths and difficulty. 

MA-24 S/N, 29720, Spain



Tarragona, a sun-drenched coastline city with beautiful sandy beaches, interesting ancient monuments and diverse Spanish cuisine will win everyone’s heart. No doubt this city is one of the most visited places in Spain. It’s historic center with the most impressive Roman Amphitheater and remains of sixth-century Visigoth basilica has earnt Tarragona its label as UNESCO World Heritage site. However, Tarragona offers much more than just a rich cultural experience, let’s find out more about its hidden secrets.

Located one hour from Barcelona, Tarragona is definitely a must-see place on your coastline journey. The historic old town center is not only attractive due to a great variety of ancient remains, but also due to several cultural events, for example the well-known carnival, which takes place each year in the middle of February. This event hosts over five thousand participants with elegant and colorful costumes.

For our parking tip we would suggest the camping resort Sanguli, just 10 min spectacular Tarragona’s spectacular city center. The greatest attraction of the resort is Europe’s most iconic theme park Porta Aventura with numerous attractions such as an aquatic park, souvenir shops, clothes stores and different thematic restaurants. The perfect place to visit when you are travelling with kids.

Passeig de Miramar, 43840, Salou, Spain

Parking https://www.campercontact.com/en/spain/catalonia/salou/54954/camping-resort-sanguli  

Porta Aventura Park  https://www.portaventuraworld.com/portaventura

Carnival https://www.tarragonaturisme.cat/en/events/carnival


Situated in the heart of Spain, the capital Madrid does not need a long introduction. This city has an unbelievable energy and life on its wild streets. Plenty of museums, cultural attractions, historical buildings with remarkable elegance, but also modern bars, restaurants and fashion boutiques with that typical Spanish flair. Let’s discover the main beauties of this region together.

Madrid attracts its tourists due to housing one of the most significant art collections in the whole of Europe, but also due to its reconstructed historical parts. There are numerous of tours and sightseeing excursions, revealing the fascinating history and elegance of local cathedrals and churches. Puerta del Sol, the most popular square in the old city center is considered the focal point of Madrid, but also of the whole of Spain. The nearby street Gran Viá is one of the best know streets in Madrid, mainly due to its fashion stores, restaurants and some of the capital’s most iconic buildings. 

If you are looking for place near Spain’s most charming city, where you can enjoy the nature then check out our parking suggestion for your motorhome. Camping El Escorial is located just one hour from Madrid and offers a fully equipped camp with 4 outdoor swimming pools and several sport activities for adults as well as for children. When choosing this camp, we highly recommend to visit the Monastery and Site of the Escurial, which has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1984 and functions as a monastery, royal palace, basilica, pantheon, museum, university, library, school and also as a hospital. 

Calle Poeta José Hierro, 28320, Pinto, Spain


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