Winter preparation tips for STX Motorhomes!

Shorter days, colder temperatures, and cravings for stews and soups. What season are we describing? You guessed it: Winter!

To make sure that your motorhome stays in its top notch condition throughout the Winter months, we have prepared STX Motorhome Winter care checklist for you. This list will help you to care for your STX Motorhome in the best possible way! Whether you drive your STX during the winter, or you don’t these are your go to tips, straight from our professionals.

First things first: it is always a good idea to bring your STX Motorhome for an annual checkup this time of the year. The professionals will make sure that everything is in shape from all the Summer adventures, while preparing the STX for its Winter adventures or hibernation. Simply call our Stephex Service Center to book a time.

Now, let’s get to the lists!

You don’t use your STX Motorhome in the Winter?

  • Store your truck with a full fuel tank: This will avoid condensation in the tank, and leave sufficient fuel for heating and generator (if wall power would fail).
  • Be sure to keep your truck connected on the power wall, and check regularly that there is power on the wall socket
  • Winters can get really cold. Prepare for this by placing a small electric heater in the living if needed. This will help to avoid moisture
  • Empty all water tanks and blow the pipes empty with compressed air (and leave taps open; don’t forget the shower) to prepare against frozen (and broken) pipes. Check also the water filter that it is empty.
  • Make sure the wiper fluid is filled with anti-freeze.
  • Keep the pop outs closed.

You use your STX Motorhome during Winter?

  • Try to keep your fuel tank full as often as possible, for the same reasons as above.
  • Prioritize using wall power because the pipe heating consumes a lot of electricity.
  • Winter (hopefully) brings us also some snow! Don’t close pop outs when snow or ice is on top.
  • Don’t open or close the satellite dish with snow or ice on top. This can cause unrepairable damage to the system.
  • Keep a small bag with salt in the truck in a closed container, not in a bag. This to defreeze any icy surfaces around your Motorhome when stationed.
  • Do a daily check of the electrical system.

There you go, all ready for the Winter! If you are unable to bring your truck to the Stephex Service, don’t hesitate to give the professionals a call for any questions that you might have.

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