Racing Family meets STX Motorhome

There is owning an STX Motorhome, and then living with an STX Motorhome. In the world of racing, the team’s motorhome is often an essential pillar for a family. We had the great pleasure of chatting with Margot Vranckx, the sister of Victor Vranckx, a young Belgian Rally Cross Driver. We discussed the ways in which they combine racing and family time.

Arriving at the Race Weekend with their Motorhome

The family activities surround greatly around the Rally Cross sport. The siblings and parents are all involved in one way or another in the success story of Victor. Their lifestyle is strongly impacted by racing, and most weekends are spent on racetracks around the world. The father of the Vrankx family, along with the technicians, travel with the STX Motorhome. The spacious motorhome allows for the team to do even longer trips, as everyone has enough space to enjoy life in the truck. Margot highlighted the big front window, from where the beautiful European sceneries open up to the drivers and the passengers. From Belgium, the travels have gone up to Sweden and down to Spain. Loads of kilometers bring loads of lifelong adventures.

The rest of the family fly to the race location.

During a race weekend the family spends loads of time in and around the motorhome. Once the truck arrives at the location, the team sets up base and build a large tent surrounding the motorhome. This allows for the whole team, including the trainers, technicians, parents and Margot to be together in one location. The VMV tent is where the magic happens.

Race day preparations

Margot tells us that a day starts with getting ready and heading out for breakfast. Most Fridays are a bit easier, as the race itself doesn’t take place until Saturday and Sunday. Of course, for Victor even Friday is busy with media elements, testing and preparing for the upcoming race.

On this day Margot and her mother have more time to relax. On cold days they spend the day in the motorhome watching movies and series. As Margot says, ‘’the motorhome has all the comforts. It is our second home! Spending the chilly day there is just like spending the rainy days at our main home’’. On warmer days they might hit the nearby city. Shopping and trying out the local foods are major must do’s, and pack the travel bags with new life experiences.

On the Saturday and Sunday the whole team is tied to the action. The Semi Finals and the Finals take place then, and the pressure increases! Margot normally spends the time in the tent helping Victor with whatever he needs. Once the race begins, she will be on the track cheering him on.

Racing Motorhome
VMV STX Motorhome Garage for Rally Cross race car.

In the evening after the days have been wrapped up, the team will either have dinner together in the tent by the motorhome. They also might go to a nearby restaurant. After a busy day, everyone is more than deserving of a good night’s sleep in the motorhome.

All in all, the race weekends are truly enjoyable experiences for the whole family! They spend loads of time together with the team, and support each other. Throughout the races they meet loads of new interesting people, and gain unforgettable experiences!

Thank you for Team VMV for your trust! We are proud to see you enjoy your STX Motorhome. We wish you many safe travels and grand successes.

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