Exploring the Fjords: A Extensive Guide to Traveling in Norway with your Motorhome

Norway, with its breathtaking fjords, majestic landscapes, and charming cities, is a dream destination for motorhome enthusiasts. In this guide, we will explore important things to know before your travels. Read about essential travel tips, how to prepare for the winter roads in Norway, and recommended locations suitable for heavy motorhomes.

Things to know before hitting the road!

Plan Early:

Before taking off, plan your route and research motorhome-friendly campsites, especially motorhome parking areas. Norway offers a network of well-equipped campsites with stunning views. Booking before your travels advance is advisable.

Tolls and Ferries:

Be aware of tolls on certain roads and ferries that may be necessary to cross fjords. Plan your budget accordingly and check the ferry schedules in advance, including information about motorhome parking areas on ferries.

Travel Norwegian Scenic Routes:

Take advantage of Norway’s designated scenic routes specifically designed to showcase the country’s natural beauty. These routes are well-suited for heavy motorhomes and offer numerous motorhome parking areas for stopping, relaxing, and enjoying the surroundings. In the next section we will give recommended locations that are safe to travel to with 26T motorhomes.

Wild Camping Rules:

While wild camping is allowed in many areas, familiarize yourself with the specific rules and guidelines. Respect the environment and always leave your camping spot, including motorhome parking areas, as you found it.

Waste Disposal:

Dispose of waste responsibly. Most campsites and motorhome parking areas have proper facilities for waste disposal and recycling. Be environmentally conscious during your travels.

Pack Warm Clothing:

Throughout all the four seasons Norway’s weather can be unpredictable. Pack warm clothing, waterproof gear, and sturdy hiking boots. Be prepared for chilly evenings and sudden weather changes.

Tips When Traveling to Norway in Winter:

Winter Tire Requirement:

In winter, ensure your motorhome is equipped with appropriate winter tires. Norway requires for vehicles weighing over 26T to be equipped with winter tyres from November 15th to 31st of March.

Snow Chains:

Carry snow chains for added traction, especially if you plan to venture into snowy or mountainous areas. This is mandatory in Norway, and the specifications can be found here.

Vehicle Winterization:

Winterize your motorhome to prevent issues with freezing temperatures. Consider using antifreeze and insulating exposed pipes. We have complied a winter checklist for you!

Recommended Locations for Heavy Motorhomes:

Geiranger Fjord:

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Geiranger Fjord is a must-visit. Stay at the Geiranger Camping site and enjoy the breathtaking fjord views along with convenient motorhome parking areas.

Lofoten Islands:

The Lofoten Islands offer dramatic landscapes and picturesque fishing villages. Camp at Reine Camping for an unforgettable experience surrounded by mountains and the sea, with accessible motorhome parking areas.


Drive the famous Trollstigen mountain road with its hairpin turns and panoramic views. There are several motorhome parking areas where you can stop and capture the stunning scenery.

Jotunheimen National Park:

Norway’s largest national park, Jotunheimen, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Camp at Gjendesheim for easy access to hiking trails and stunning alpine scenery, including motorhome parking areas.

Things to Take With You:

Camping Essentials:

If you are planning to go camping, pack good quality camping essentials such as a reliable tent, sleeping bags, and cooking equipment. Many campsites provide facilities, but it’s always good to be prepared.

Navigation Tools:

Invest in a good GPS navigation system to help you navigate Norway’s winding roads. Additionally, offline maps and a physical road atlas can be invaluable, especially when looking for motorhome parking areas.

Power Adapters:

Norway uses the European standard Type C and Type F power outlets. Ensure you have the right adapters to charge your devices at campsites, including the motorhome parking areas.

Outdoor Gear:

Bring outdoor gear for activities like hiking and fishing. Norway’s natural wonders are best explored on foot, and having the right equipment enhances the experience.

Embarking on a motorhome adventure in Norway is an exhilarating journey into nature’s wonders. With careful planning, respect for the environment, and an adventurous spirit, your road trip through the land of fjords will undoubtedly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, pack your bags, rev up your 26-tonner, and get ready to explore the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture that Norway has to offer. Safe travels!

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