STX Motorhomes Received a Facelift

The STX Motorhomes have experienced a slight makeover. You don’t need to worry; no radical changes were made. Our engineers have merely updated the details to match the innovative nature of the trucks. Simply put, the STX Motorhomes have received a facelift.

The smallest changes have the power of making the biggest differences.

Allow us to take you on a quick tour of the updates. At first, let’s talk about the sideview windows of the motorhome. Our engineering and design team have updated the design of the windows. The windows are bigger, taller and integrated into the truck using new techniques. This window design strongly contributes to the stylish presence of the truck. Our team also curved the wheel covers. The new slim designs gives the truck a more peaceful and elegant look. 

STX Motorhomes
The updated wheel covers give the motorhome an elegant look.

Once entering the motorhome we come across the new door lock. Instead of unlocking the side door with a number code, you unlock it with your fingerprint. The numerical option remains. This technical addition takes your motorhome to a tech-savvy level, making you feel like an astronaut stepping into their spaceship.

STX Motorhomes
The new side door lock allows you to unlock your STX easily with your fingerprint.

After the door has been unlocked, the stairs automatically de-escalate for you. The stairs have been re-designed to escalate in equal steps. When stepping up to the motorhome, every step holds an equal measurement. The lighting is also adjusted. Instead of spotlights on the sides, the lights reflect directly onto the step. Day or night, light is guaranteed.

STX Moorhomes
Step up safely up to your STX in day and night.

We hold innovation as a key driving factor. The smallest changes have the power of making the biggest differences. Therefore, each detail holds an immense amount of power in change and development.

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