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Summer 2022 Packing List

Let’s admit it. These past five months have gone by at lightspeed. New Years, Valentine’s day, Easter, did they even happen? Since the world has started to open up and travel is more accessible, let’s make sure to enjoy this summer to the fullest. If you haven’t prepared for the summer Motorhome season quite yet, don’t panic. We have prepared a Summer Motorhome Packing Essentials list, ensuring you the most comfortable and carefree trip.

This list focuses on the kits and tools that might slip your mind when preparing for that perfect road trip. It may not be the most luxurious list, but it will ensure a luxurious travel experience. As luxury essentially is about comfort, peace and happiness!

  • Wheel Chocks

When you are on the road, you don’t always have a wide selection of parking spots. Adjusting is key, especially when traveling on the mountains or by the sea. To guarantee a peaceful day out in the city, or a good night’s sleep without worries about your motorhome rolling away, make sure to pack Wheel Chocks. These will keep your motorhome as still as a rock.

  • Wheel Levelers

Following the theme of not so ideal parking spots, sometimes you have to park on uneven ground. Pack Wheel Levelers to make sure that you don’t have to cook or watch Netflix at a 45 degree angle.

  • Emergency Roadside Kit

Unexpected things happen on the road, even though you have the most foolproof vehicle under you. For these situations, make sure to have an emergency roadside kit with you. The contents of kits vary, but a standard kit often includes jumper cables, reflective vests, a warning triangle, a flashlight, a whistle, a pocket knife, bandages, energy bars, and so on.

  • Toolbox

A toolbox is another must-have in your motorhome. For the easy and tricky situations, a toolbox often contains that one tool which can save you from a mental breakdown. Buy a box with all the essentials, pack it in your motorhome, and never unpack it.

  • Bug Spray

There are a few things which are more irritating than a mosquito waking you up in the middle of the night, or many mosquitos joining your dinner under the stars. A solid bug spray is a must-have for these cases. Get some spray, cream, or roll on lotion to have on you at all times when adventuring with your Motorhome.

  • Fire Extinguisher

This is another staple to have in your Motorhome! For those not so pleasant situations, have a fire extinguisher at hand at all times. This will save you, or your fellow camper from a lot of damage!

  • Extension cords

Extension cords are useful in the most unexpected situations. Luxury RV trips become even more luxurious when you don’t have to say “if only we’d have a XYZ with us”. Get the extension cord and use it when you need it!

  • Shovel

Stuck? No problem. Use the shovel that you packed! Even if the shovel is only used for leveling out a dining spot, you have one. Especially if you are a more extreme adventurer traveling through the wild roads, a shovel can turn out to be your best friend.

  • WIFI Signal Booster & VPN

Traveling between countries can be tricky signal and connection wise. Having a signal booster will make sure you have excellent speed and connection wherever you are. And a VPN? That is for you to be able to continue streaming your favorite shows across borders.  

  • Adventure gear

What would a summer trip be without some speed, adrenaline and sweat! Pack your favorite adventure gear with you. Whether it is snorkeling, biking, paddling, or hiking, take your gear and go after those experiences and have the most exciting summer!

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