Summer Deliveries

For many of our new clients STX Motorhomes are marking a great start to the summer. At our Stephex Service center, keys to new STX Motorhomes have been handed over to several new owners. They are now embarking on their European journeys with their brand-new travel companions.

One STX that we will highlight is our most recent delivery, a 2 Pop Out STX delivered to Austria. This motorhome holds a custom designed interior. The chassis is the powerful Scania V8. With 590 horsepower this motorhome has no problem combatting the toughest hills and turns. Even the driver’s cabin is stylish, with red linings on the beautiful black leather finish.

The exterior has a unique color. The bronze paint gives a fresh, summery glow. With the impressive Lightfix High Bar with three LED lights, this Scania STX Motorhome is a beautiful sight on the road.

Once stepping inside the fresh theme continues. The wooden panels on the walls carry a light shade, giving a great contrast to the dark floors. The orange leather couch complements the orange kitchen. This statement color is a fantastic touch to add to your STX motorhome.

The luxurious bathroom has marmer – marble panels covering most of the surfaces. Tabletops, shower walls and bathroom walls are made from the stone as well. The roof window makes the bathroom bright and sunny.

Moving into the bedroom. The bed has an orange lining carrying on the summery vibe. The big windows on the side and roof allow loads of light to pour in. Enjoy waking up by natural light? Can do! Rather sleep in with full darkness. Also possible.

Finally, the STX 2 Pop Out model has a garage-built in. Either a mini cooper or a Fiat 500 can join in on the travel fun. We congratulate the owners of this new STX 2 Pop Out! Enjoy your new adventures and safe travels.

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