The Innovative 10.60m STX Motorhome

NEW IN! The redesigned edition of the STX Motorhomes with a new and innovative pop out structure.

This novelty will be shorter than the regular models with only a length of 10.60 meters and a weight of 19 tons, as an advantage for the driver. The parking as well as the driving experience will be made simpler for the travelers due to this more compact construction.

STX Motorhome Short RV Caravan Camping Truck Stephex
STX Motorhome 10.60m

However, nothing has been spared in the interior as per usually. Due to the newly installed pop out on the back the level of comfort and luxury will not decrease. This extension makes the bedroom as cozy and as spacious as the pre-existing motorhomes. The total of two pop-outs assures the ultimate home away from home for holidays, sports events or even for work.

This project is still under development, but our new prototype will be built in the very near future.

Stay tuned!

For more info contact our sales representative of the STX Motorhomes now!

Ellen van Guyse

+32 478 307 953

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