The Story behind STX Motorhomes

Stephan Conter has always been fascinated by trucks. When he was a young show jumping dealer he enjoyed walking around the parking lots admiring the impressive horse trucks at the competitions. Later on, after successfully entering the horse truck business and launching Stephex Horsetrucks, he kept on dreaming: To build a motorhome that has all the top qualities of a horse truck: strength, quality, durability and above all luxury. His goal: To enter the motorhome industry and create the most innovative, impressive and awe-inspiring motorhomes.

When speaking to Stephan about the birth story of the STX Motorhomes, Stephan said that the initially was inspired by the big motorhomes that came from the USA. His aim was to build a motorhome with the grandness of the American motorhome, yet add the European taste of luxury into it. And not long after, Stephan had of course done just that! The first STX Motorhome was built 12 years ago.

Multiple pop outs, heaps of space, luxury and beautiful design. These were elements which Stephan wanted then, and continues to build in the beautiful STX Motorhomes.

Moreover, we got a small insight into the future plans of the STX Motorhomes. “We’re going to come out on the market with something a little bit more extreme, more luxurious.” The aim is to add a special design to the truck, making it unique from the current trucks in the STX Motorhome line. These plans are expected to be released in 2023.

As Stephan says, “Each year with Stephex we utilize new innovations, new designs, new styles. This is going to continue in our company. It’s our passion.”

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