Travel Europe’s Finest Corners with your STX Motorhome!

Remember those exciting teenage years when life was one big mystery? Where that Euro tour with your closest friends opened your eyes to the adventures of the world? Those memories will stay with you forever. Why not recreate them? But instead of Hostels and interrail tickets, you will travel with your one and only STX Motorhome.

We are revisiting the travel destinations offered on our blogs before. Hereby we give all of our new followers a taste of the many adventures available to them.


Montenegro is a beautiful travel destination filled with incredible forests, beaches and mountains. The country has a population of less than 650,000. It’s lavish, untouched nature shows it! For wilderness lovers, Montenegro is a must visit. One of the worlds oldest olive trees lives there, and a vast amount of bird species and powerful animals can be found in the Nature Parks of Montenegro  (think bears, boars and black widow spiders…). It is also easy to travel to, in and from Montenegro with your Motorhome. Below we have listed the cities that you should visit, along with the parking spots for your STX in each location.


Skadar National Park



The land which Europe’s history revolves around: Greece. Spend your winter reading about the Greek gods and emperors, and spend your summer exploring the tales in real life. Greece is a must visit for any kind of traveler. If you love roaming historical streets and museums, we highly recommend visiting Athens. Do you prefer to spend your days on the beach? Go ahead and check out Thessaloniki. In case you are more of the hiking type, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Meteora is an unbeatable in its beauty and history. Greece truly has got it all!





Continuing with the theme of variety, let us introduce Croatia to you. Croatia is another massively diverse country where you get to experience beaches, mountains, and beautiful cities. Dubrovnik, the capital city of Croatia is a must see for all of you Game of Thrones fans! The Old Town, Walls of Dubrovnik, Pile Gate, Tsteno Arboretum… and many other locations have been featured in the series. Another city filled with history is Zadar. If a rainy day hits, you have plenty of fantastic Museums to visit such as the Archeological museum of Zadar, Permanent Exhibition of Religion Art, and the Rectors Palace. All these museums offer a diverse range of art from different eras. On the sunny days either the Borik beach or beach Kolovare near the city offer you beautiful sunbathing spots. If you are willing to travel a bit further, there are several beaches surrounding the city. In case the city life is not appealing to you, the Krka National Park offers some of the most beautiful preserved forests and waterfalls in the country.


Krka National Park



Sunshine and good vibes. That’s what Spain is all about! Overall a fan favorite amongst trevelers, this country guarantees the time of your life. Malaga is a popular coastal city in Andalusia, Spain. Along with its several beaches, the beautiful national park Montes de Malaga, loads of fun nightlife and incredible food, this city provides for individuals of all ages and for all interests. If you are planning to travel earlier in the year, in February you will have the chance to take part in the thrilling carnival in Tarragona. While celebrating the King of debauchery, the city streets are filled with music, color, food tastings and fabulous costumes. Then there is Madrid! One of the most famous historical capitals in Europe, Madrid is a city that will not disappoint. It is also easily accessible with your Motorhome. Two top tips when you visit Madrid: Gaytàn restaurant, Salmon Guru bar. Visit them and let us know your thoughts!




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