Unleashing the Thrill: Benefits of Owning an STX Motorhome on the Race Track

Owning an STX Motorhome isn’t just about the open road; it’s about taking your love for racing to the next level. Whether you are at the beginning stages of your racing career or toured worldwide circuits for years, an STX Motorhome for racing is an upgrade you and your team will benefit from. Explore the advantages that make STX Motorhomes the top choice for race enthusiasts:

A motorhome on the circuit is an ideal location for strategy discussions or a post race debrief.

Mobile Command Center:

Transform your STX Motorhome into a mobile command center. Our trucks are equipped with top-notch amenities. For example, you can easily Livestream the race to the TVs in your STX. The motorhome is the perfect hub for pre-race preparations and strategy discussions.

Attuned for Speed:

STX Motorhomes are designed with performance in mind. The pneumatic technology on the seats and pop-outs, along with the ranges of Mercedes and Scania Chassis and powerful engines offered allow for efficient travel. Its aerodynamics and advanced engineering ensure that your journey to the racing circuit is as smooth as the laps you’ll be completing.

Convenience at Every Turn:

Forget about the hassle of finding accommodations near the racing venue. With your STX Motorhome, you bring your comfort zone wherever the race calendar takes you. No more uncomfortable hotel bookings or long drives to the track. You will get your much-needed rest in your own bedroom. 

Athlete Recovery:

Speaking of rest, having a space outside of the adrenaline on the circuit will allow for faster and better recovery. Recovery for top performance requires a space where the athlete feels comfortable and has access to all necessary amenities. A luxury bathroom, full kitchen, a queen-sized bed, heating and AC and a Bose or Sonos sound system provide for a variety of recovery methods. Ensure you’re ready for peak performance on and off the track.

Flexibility to Chase Races:

With an STX Motorhome, you have the flexibility to chase races across different circuits without compromising on comfort. Be at the heart of the action whenever and wherever it happens. With a fully equipped kitchen, luxury interior, and the powerful 6,4 KW Fisher & Panda 8000i generator, the STX is your home on wheels. 

STX 3 Pop Out is another fantastic choice for the circuits

Community on Wheels:

Join the exclusive community of STX Motorhome owners who share your passion for racing. Swap stories, and tips, and build lasting connections with fellow enthusiasts during your travels to different circuits.

Owning an STX Motorhome isn’t just a lifestyle; it’s a statement of passion for speed, precision, and the pursuit of thrill. Boost your racing experience with the style and sophistication that STX Motorhomes provides.

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